About Bev


Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bev Stout now lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with her husband, a former Navy Lieutenant and their two mismatched dogs–Milly, a Basenji-mix rescue dog and Toby, the Stouts’ forever puppy. 

Since Bev neither sews nor makes quilts, she decided to write her first novel as a gift to her family. Secrets of the Realm, an eighteenth century adventure story, has since been read on five continents and in seventeen countries. 

Her second novel is quite a departure from her previous seafaring tale. My Name is Nissa is a contemporary fantasy about a young couple, Peter and Lily Warren. They live ordinary lives, nary a blip on the radar screen. That is until Nissa comes into their lives. The child, with a shock of red hair just like Lily, is either a blessing or a curse–maybe both. Only time will  tell, and the clock is ticking.

When Bev is not writing, she is either teaching piano, involved in volunteer work, or simply enjoying family and friends. Tennis has been put on the back burner until her broken her foot  heals. Trips to Cambria, California,  bring her back to the ocean that she loves, and closer to finishing Return of the Realm, Secrets of the Realm’s sequel.


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